TPS62360 Non-I2C operation?

Q: TPS62360 Non-I2C by 1294176


Customer is looking at the TPS62360 for a 1V @ 3A rail, Vin = nominal 3.3V; output voltage regulation of +/- 0.050V.  They do not require the output voltage adjustment via I2C.  Question -- is Power Save mode the device default, or will the device switch between PWM and Power Save autonomously without an I2C prompt?

A: Re: TPS62360 Non-I2C by 1090425

As noted in the datasheet (table 2), the default operating mode for all VSELx presets in auto PFM/PWM mode.  So, the device will enter PFM mode if the load is low enough.  They don't need I2C to tell it to.

This part can be operated without the I2C interface.  Luckily, the 1V they need is already a pre-programmed preset on the TPS62360.  To operate without I2C, tie the Vdd, SDA, and SCL pins to ground.