TPS61041 - operation in CCM?

Q: FW: TPS61041 Question by 605759

I was prototyping with the TPS61041 last week, and I noticed that the part always sets its frequency in such a way that it operates in discontinuous mode. Is it possible to force it to work in continuous mode?

Q: Re: FW: TPS61041 Question by 10449

We do not have a white paper detailing the operation of the TPS61041 other than what is available in the datasheet.  Due to the conditions that turn the power FET on and off, the TPS61040, TPS61041, TPS61042, TPS61043, and TPS61045 must operate in discontinuous mode (DCM) to properly regulate the output.  The IC power FET turns on when the voltage on the FB pin drops below the threshold defined in the datasheet.  It turns off when its forward current reaches the peak value specified in the datasheet.  You will not be able to operate in continuous conduction mode (CCM)