TPS6104x - Inductor Selection


He would like more information regarding why we have chosen the inductors that are listed in the datasheet on Table 4.

Is there a difference with using a wire round inductor with ferrite core vs. a multi layer ferrite core in the application?

Are the recommended inductors specifically needed or can he use a cheaper inductor?


There is nothing magical about the inductors in the datasheet other than they work with the IC and were available when the IC was released.  Other inductors are certainly suitable.  Just be sure to follow the information in the datasheet about choosing the inductor, specifically with regards to the saturation current rating.  The TPS6104x family reaches the current limit of typically 400 mA (or 250 for the 61041) during each switching cycle, so the inductor must not saturate at that level.

Different inductors will have different loss characteristics, so we encourage you to order the EVM for the device and test your chosen inductor.