Q: IBIS model by 1166153

I need IBIS models for following ICs.


1).  TPS2024DRG4

2). TPS62400DRCR

3). TPS3823-33DBVT





A: Re: IBIS model by 616414

Download available TI IBIS models here:


You can "Search by Keyword" from www.ti.com for "IBIS" and also get this link.

Q: Re: IBIS model by 10449

All available Pspice models can be found at


or in the product folder.  If you need a model that is not available, you can contact the Product Information Center by going to www.ti.com and clicking on technical support. They will assist you in determining if a model can be provided. 

The following website shows all IBIS and BSDL models http://focus.ti.com/adc/docs/midlevel.tsp?contentId=23670