TPS54620 VIN input current

Q: TPS54620 VIN input current by 1099971

Hi Team,

In the datasheet the Vin current is specified to:
VIN shutdown supply current: 2-5uA
VIN operating – non switching supply current: 600-800uA

The customer want to know VIN operation - switching supply current?
VIN and VINP will be sourced seperate.
VINP will drop below the 4.5V!

VIN: tbd
Vout: 1V@3A

Could we specify here the current @ VIN.


Carsten Thiele

A: Re: TPS54620 VIN input current by 10449

We can not specify this current.  This is something that we prefer be handled locally by either you or the customer.  This is easily tested on the EVM and the customer can retest under all their different operating conditions as their requirements change throughout their design.