TPS61041 switching frequency

Q: TPS61041 switching frequency by 1158565

Why does TPS61041 recommend the frequency up to 1MHz? And if we set an inductor as the frequecy goes over 1MHz, how does TPS61041 behave?

A: Re: TPS61041 switching frequency by 10449

The TPS61040 and TPS61041 are only tested and characterized up to 1MHz switching frequency.  It is possible to set the Vin, Vout, inductor, and current so the IC operates at frequencies above 1MHz.  This has been verified in the lab.  However, we do not recommend this operating frequency because we can not guarantee any specifications.  The most likely effects will be reduced efficiency and less accurate line and load regulation.  I recommend using the datasheet equations to select an inductor that limits the maximum switching frequency to less than 1MHz.