TPS62110 sync threshold voltage

Q: TPS62110 sync threshold voltage by 7382

A customer needs to drive the SYC pin from a 1.7V logic signal that has a spec Voh of 1.5V min. The Sync Vih of the TPS62110 is 1.5V min. Is there any margin in the Vih threshold spec for the sync pin? The customer is exactly meeting our min spec and is nervous about not having any margin in the design. Please advise where the typical threshold is for this logic input, and if you feel that this output/input combination (1.5V/1.5V) would be robust.

A: Re: TPS6211x sync threshold voltage by 10449

The limits in the spec table are typically calculated +/- 6 sigma numbers based on simulations and measured data.  The limits are set so the IC meets the spec across the entire worst case limits of temperature, voltage, current, and silicon process variation and usually have a lot of margin.  The highest sync Voh measured value is about 900mV, so your customer does not have a problem.