TPS63020 split supply operation

Q: TPS63020 split supply operation by 282017

Is it possible to put a separate low current supply into VinA and another, wider varying voltage into Vin?  The UVLO appears to be on the VinA, so is it possible to run at lower input voltages on the power stage Vin if VinA is still in spec?  A resistor is shown between the Vin and VinA pins on the block diagram.  what is the value of this resistor?

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The TPS63020 was not designed with a split rail option, (VinA and Vin powered from separate voltage rails) from Vin.  VinA is a separate input to the TPS63020 that provides a lower noise voltage fail the internal control circuitry.  Vin and VinA should not be connected to different voltage rails.

Q: Re: TPS63020 split supply operation by 282017

Would split powering in this way allow a wider range on the power stage Vin if VinA meets the operating range?

is there a limit on the difference between the two rails?

Q: Re: TPS63020 split supply operation by 8433

There is another post that says the resistor between Vin and VinA is 100 ohms.  We do not recommend connecting the two inputs to different voltage rails. The IC requires that VINA be connect directly to Vin which bypasses the internal 100ohm resistor or that VINA be connected to VIN through the resisitor.