TPS63700 EN

Q: TPS63700 about EN by 1589050

We have a question about range of EN-PIN.
According to electrical characteristic written  P3 of datasheet, high level of EN is above 1.4V.
But P4 of datasheet is written that Input high level is EN =Vin.
When voltage is equaled to 2.4V,TPS63700 is enabeld.
Is it right?(I want to confirm just  to be safe)

A: Re: TPS63700 about EN by 1090425

Yes, when EN=2.4V, the IC is enabled.

The enable spec on page 3 refers to the digital input pin EN.  Above 1.4V, the pin is guaranteed to be read as a logic high.  Below 0.4V, it is guaranteed to be read as a logic low.  In between, it is not guaranteed to be in either state--it could be either high or low.

The table on page 4 lists the functionality of the pins.  When EN is GND (low), the IC is disabled.  When it is at VIN (high), it is enabled.  EN is typically connected to VIN to give a logic high, so that is why EN=VIN is noted there.  But EN only needs to be above 1.4V to be a logic high.

Note, from page 2, that EN cannot be taken above the VIN voltage by more than a diode drop (0.3V).