TPS65950 Main Charger AC detection

I have connected a 5V DC power supply and a battery. I have ADCIN1 connected to ground via a 10k resistor and ADCIN0 grounded. 
In the BOOT_BCI register I have  CVENAC = 1 and BCIAUTOAC = 1.

My expectation was to see automatic charging but instead the system is being powered from the battery and the AC source is being ignored altogether, no charging. 

The  BCIMFSTS3 register shows BATSTSMCHG = 1 and CHGSTSMAIN = 1 but I see that the main charger state is RDSLSTATEC = 00000 - 'No charging device' in the BCIMSTATEC register. 

Why are these two registers showing conflicting information? Is there something I am missing to enable automatic charging from DC?  

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