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Solution support 3 buck and 1 boost

Hi team,

Do you have solution that could support below output requirement in one chip?






Thank you.

  • Hi Fery,

    I haven't found a perfect fit yet, the TPS65310 is close but it can only boost up to 18V.

    If anybody else knows of an adequate device please feel free to comment.

    Best Regards,
    Rick S.
  • Hi Fery,

    Rick is correct about the TPS65310. However, another option is to use the TPS65310 boost up to 13.3V and then off the boost use a voltage doubler to get your 25V. This can be implemented with the additional use of a 2 capacitors and 2 diodes, 13.3 is used assuming the forward voltage drop of the diode is 0.75V each with some variance. You can probably use schottky diodes to minimize the forward voltage drop and compensate for your boost accordingly. Would this be a viable option?

    -Raymundo Hernandez-Toscano