TPS75003: TPS75003 - Triple (Two Bucks, One LDO) supply chip - at least one has been rendered inoperative

Part Number: TPS75003


Please refer to the attached (or pasted) portion of the schematic below.  I am using this TPS75003 to provide power to a Xilinx FPGA, a Virtex.  I am getting this information second hand, so I apologize in advance.  I am told that at least on of the TPS75003 has failed when used in this circuit.  The part was then replaced and seems to be working now.  The circuit is almost identical to the "Typical Application" circuit that is in the TPS75003 data sheet except that my circuit does not have capacitors connected between the TPS75003 "SS" pins and ground.  I do understand that with nothing connected to those pins, the TPS75003 still provides about 250 us of rise time.  The other difference is that my circuit's LDO output is not 2.5 volts as in the "Typical Application" circuit, but is slightly lower.

If anyone sees anything obvious that I may have missed please let me know.



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