TPS65217: AC detect and USB detect

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Part Number: TPS65217

There are AC detect and USB detect in P26 Figure 10. Block Diagram of the Power Path and Battery Charger.

Where these "AC detect" and "USB detect" are connected to in this IC ?


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  • kura,

    Again, this circuitry shown in the block diagram could get complex quickly.

    The best way to visualize this connection is an op-amp comparator: the positive terminal is connected to the AC/USB rail and the negative terminal is connected to VIN(DT)/VIN(NDT), which are specified on page 7 of the datasheet for rising/falling edges of VAC or VUSB, respectively.

    The output of this comparator is wired to the digital block.

    Since the Battery (VBAT) is the primary supply to the system, VIN(DT)/VIN(NDT) are dependent on whether VBAT > VUVLO or VBAT<VUVLO.

    I hope this information helps with your design!