TPS65950: Audio questions (speaker impedance)

Q: Is it OK to use mic_sub as a separate source (mutually exclusive) from mic_main as shown?
A: Yes, it is fine. In this case you will use the associated amplifier and filters. Software will have to ensure that the steams should be separated. I don’t know what is the use case. This is generally used for noise cancellation.

Q: On the output side, I'm trying to use the handsfree output for the handset.  Typical handsets receivers (speakers) appear to be ~150 ohm. The datasheet lists the min/max load as 6/8 ohms.  So can I put a resistor in parallel with the receiver to get 8 ohms as intended, or do something else?
A: Higher impedance speaker is ok. However, this will reduce the power (will reduce efficieny) and the customer will need to check that the available power is going to be sufficient on his application.

Q: Similar to above, for the headset RJ11, I'm planning to drive from ear output.  Again the load is 150 ohm.  The datasheet shows 26/32, min/typ.
A: Same as above.


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