TPS65950: I2S and PCM connections for the system

Customer question:

We are using the TPS65950 in the design for the power and audio codec requirements. In this design we are planning the following.

  1. Interface the OMAP McBSP2 to TPS65950 I2S
  2. Interface the OMAP McBSP3 to TPS65950 Voice-PCM
  3. Interface the TPS65950 BT-PCM with the PCM Interface of Bluetooth module

 I understand that we would have to share the common clock and frame sync signals for BT-PCM and voice PCM from TPS device. So if we plan to use the TPC65950 in codec master mode and OMAP as well as the Bluetooth is codec slave mode, we should be fine. Is this a fair assumption? Are there any challenges you foresee having the audio connectivity in manner?

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A: Yes, your assumption is correct. If 65950 is the master then I do not see any problems.






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