TPS65950: Tips for proper charging setup with TPS65950

Following is a customer question and observations regarding charging.

Q: During automatic AC charging correct VBAT levels are not seen, i.e. device powers up at 3.6V instead of 3.2V.

A: Customer setup was an issue. Customer was using a DC supply/source meter instead of a real battery. The power supply/source meter used showed the voltage level at 3.6V. However, the actual voltage seen at the VBAT pad on TPS65950 was 3.2V. The setup and board conditions were not ideal and hence customer was seeing the problem. The supply impedance may sometimes cause problems when used as above. The voltage drop from the supply to the VBAT pad shoulbe be checked.

It is always better to measure any voltage levels at the device pins/pads (at least closest to the pad) to avoid such errors. When the customer used a regular Li-Ion battery there were no issues.



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