TWL4030/5030 and TPS65950/930/920/921 : Software Compatibility

Q: Is there software compatibility between the TWL4030, TWL5030, TPS65950, TPS65930, TPS65920 and TPS65921 devices ?

A: Yes.

    The power companion devices TWL4030, TWL5030, TPS65950, TPS65930, TPS65920 and TPS65921 are fully software compatible for all the features they have in common with one exception (which will be discussed).

    This means that code can be shared between development programs for different devices of this family for supported features. As an example the same I2C bus command which selects an analog microphone input for the TWL5030 does the same for the TPS65950.

     For the devices which have a reduced feature set, such as the TPS65920 which does not provide audio functionality, sending an I2C command for an unsupported feature will not cause an error but nothing useful will result.

    The single exception to software commonality across this family of devices is when comparing the VAUX2 power regulator in the TWL4030 to the other devices. The available Voltages from VAUX2 in the TWL4030 are slightly different than what VAUX2 provides in the other devices. When a design, based on the TWL4030, is being migrated to another device in the family, the programming for VAUX2 will need to be reviewed (to confirm that the required Voltage is available) and then amended as needed.