TPS65910 with AM335x

Hi, I have a question regarding the VRTC supply of the AM335x processor. On several evaluation boards (EVM, IDK, ICE) the TPS65910 is used as power management IC. On all these boards there is additional LDO (TPS71718) for the VRTC supply voltage of the AM335x. My question: Can I use VRTC of the TPS65910 instead of an external LDO?



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  • Yes you can. please make sure to respect Rated output current IOUTmax =20mA atcive mode


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    Hello Fabian,

    Kindly confirm us on which board it is tested that VRTC of TPS65910A3 can be used to power the VTRC of AM335x.

    Also there is a problem regarding clock gating of RTC module of AM335x mentioned in its ERRATA (SPRZ360–October2011), is this solved now because there is no use of RTC of AM335x until this is solved.

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    To be safe, you can use VRTC but please do not exceed 10mA output current in ON mode. You also need to set VRTC_REG.VRTC_OFFMASK to 1 in order for VRTC to be in full power mode during OFF state.

    In backup mode, please do not exceed 50uA output current.

    Regarding the clock gating of RTC module of AM335x, please ask the question on the forum dealing with Sitara processors.

    Hope this helps.

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