IPG-UI version released


IPG-UI version has been released at www.ti.com/.../IPG-UI .  The primary addition for this version is support for OSX and Linux operating systems.  This means that this GUI will now run on Windows, Linux, and Mac PCs.


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  • Chase,

    Thank you for this new release!  Can you comment on 32bit vs 64bit versions?  Also, Windows 10 support?

    - Kevin

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  • In reply to Kevin Chalmers:

    For Windows and OSX the 32 bit version runs across both 32 and 64 bit OSes the same.

    For Linux the package has a 32 bit and 64 bit installer packaged. This is done so that the user will not need to install a lot of additional software when installing the GUI on a 64 bit system. So for Linux you should install the version that corresponds to your OS.

    As for Windows 10 this has not been validated. I would expect it to work but there may need to be actions done similar to Windows 8 which requires a change to the USB setup to allow the USB2ANY to enumerate as discussed in the User's Guide. Windows 10 will need to be validated in the future.