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Part Number: TPS65217

There is Electrical Characteristics of OSCILLATOR in datasheet  P13.

But we can't find OSCILLATOR in datasheet P17 "9.2 Functional Block Diagram"

Where is  OSCILLATOR in this IC?


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  • kura,

    The oscillator (fOSC = 9MHz) would be shown connecting to the digital, where it gets divided down, then connects to the DC-DC Buck converters (fSW,Buck = 9/4 = 2.25MHz) and the LED Boost converter (fSW,Boost = 9/8 = 1.125MHz).

    It is common to show a simplified block diagram for a complex part with many blocks. If the oscillator were shown, it would require sub-blocks and wires to many other blocks. The block diagram can get cluttered quickly and some information that is not exposed externally may be omitted for brevity and clarity.

    Is there any other information about the Oscillator you need to get started working on your design?