TWL6030: TWL6030 Battery charger issue.

Part Number: TWL6030

Dear Sir,

As attached picture, Battery removal " Vback "  basic  follow VBAT drop then re-start- during VBAT=2.0V

I check: BATremoval= Low ;  VBATMIN_Lo set on 2.75V

My question is:

1. Does this waveform is right ?(VBAT removal VBACK  follow drop)

2. VBAT < VBATMIN  , The TWL6030 into Back-up mode. right ?

3. Red block, TWL6030 what kind mode ?



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  • Steven,

    Hi, thanks for using E2E. I have assigned your question to an engineer familiar with this device. He will get back to you shortly.

  • Hi Steven,

    Is there a battery installed on Vbackup? If so, what is the series resistance? If it has high series resistance it might explain why it droops initially and then pops back up.

    Which OTP version of TWL6030 are you using? For example, TWL6030B1A3

    Figure 9 and Figure 10 in the datasheet shows the various states, but I don't see a clear indication of what VUPR and VPOR are. 

    I think the charger is almost the same on TWL6032 as in TWL6030, and it has a better diagram in Figure 4-3 of it's datasheet. 


    Kevin LaRosa

  • In reply to Kevin LaRosa:

    Dear Sir,

    I am used TWL6030B1B4CMR what different with TWL6030B1A4CMRR ?