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SND9039A1BT PMIC for Frequency spec

Hi Sir,

Our customer response the SND9039A1BT  frequency not meet datasheet spec.

Please see as below Measurement results, this is allowed?

Could you please share the Maximum and minimum of Frequency?

BUCK2 current 1A is 1.388MHZ but SPEC 2MHZ. 
BUCK3 current 1A is 1.597MHZ but SPEC 2MHZ.
BUCK4 current 1.7A is 2.421MHZ but SPEC 2MHZ. 
BUCK5 current 5A is 4.279MHZ but SPEC 3.2MHZ. 


  • Hi Hugo,

    Please allow for some delays on this request die to the holidays. I have assigned it to the engineer supporting this device.

    I believe these are hysteretic converters similar to the TPS650864 though, so their frequency can vary based in Vin, Vout, and load in order to respond quickly to the changes in Vout. The spec may just be a rough estimate.


    Kevin LaRosa

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    Hi Hugo,

    I'll reply when back from vacation 1/3

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    Hi Costin & Kevin ,

    Got it , Thanks


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    Hi Costin,

    Happy new year.
    Our Customer need the Maximum and minimum value to verify system,
    Could you please share this spec for me?

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    Hi Hugo,

    Happy New Year!

    Due to hysteretic architecture SND9039 buck's switching is a function of Vin/Vout and Iload. The spec number is a typical value with pretty wide variation.

    For this reason spec has no min/max  limits, what the customer measured is expected, it is similar to TI validation results.

    That's any particular reason why the customer checks the switching frequency? system wise the frequency will not affect performances