TPS65950/30/20: Continuous nRESWARM reset from OMAP at power up

Customer question:

Q: Why do we see continuous warmreset signal on TPS device during power up?

A: The warm reset on TPS is only an input. OMAP sends this warm reset signal if it fails to boot correctly. OMAP boots up based on the configuration selected by SYSBOOT pins. If this configuration does not match with the correct device (MMC, USB, UART) then the ROM code sends warm reset signal continuously.

Check SYSBOOT and the memory device.



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  • Hi Gandhar,

    on our device (which was already working) we now see NRESWARM going high after starting the system, with VMMC1, VAUX2 & VDAC present.

    But after 3.5ms it goes low again and keeps low, VMMC1, VAUX2 & VDAC no more present (all other voltages are such as VDD1, VDD2 etc)

    Boot configuration is correct and identical to working systems, Card detection is also working, changing the SD card has no effect.

    Is this a known failure of the OMAP?

    Oszillators are working, VDDS_DPLL_DLL (connected to VDDS_DPLL_PER) keeps high, but when seeing SWCU059A step 9 on page 13 I would expect for it going low again, too. ?!

    Regards, Thomas

  • In reply to Thomas Leidenfrost:

    I got another former working unit, which now keeps in warmreset too.

    Boot sequence and configuration is unchanged. The HFCLKOUT is still ok...

    But INT1 from TPS65951 keeps low.

    Did my processor AM3703 die? Uart says nothing now

    Any ideas, Gandhar?

  • In reply to Thomas Leidenfrost:

    Ok, my oscillator gave up.

    But the other unit still keeps NRESWARM low