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Simulation of TPS27081A high side load switch


is there any spice model for the TPS27081 available?

I would like to include it in my global simulation.

The application is an active current limiter between a high impedance source and the large bypass capacitor of a switching regulator. Other current limiters are unsuitable, because I need an adjustable (among different products) solution in the range of about 1mA to about 50mA. Also, quiescent currents are of paramount importance, so I would like to plot the tradeoff between R1 and the leakage current.



  • Roberto,

    Unfortunately, there is no SPICE model available for the TPS27081.  We are also hard pressed to think of a similar-type device with model availability.

    At this point, I recommend you approach your local TI sales point-of -contact to discuss this opportunity in greater detail.

    Best Regards, Thomas

    Thomas Lewis

    PoE Applications & Marketing Manager


  • In reply to Thomas Lewis:

    Thanks for your answer.

    Well, I'm going to turn on the soldering iron then, as it seems to be the only practical solution.