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TPS2554 Function Question

Hi Team,

I survey TPS2554 for my project use. but we need have special function for USB port.
Could you provide concept and schematic for wake up for MCU when USB plug in? Thanks.

  • Hi Cao Cao,

    My apologies but this question slipped through the cracks of our team.

    I am forwarding this thread to the correct support team and if this is still an open question you are interested in, please reply.



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  • Hi Cao cao,

    TPS2554 is a USB power switch on Vbus, can't be used to wake up MCU when USB plug in.

    What kind of plug in device you want to wake up your MCU, high speed, low speed, or full speed device?

    You may need monitor the voltage/signal on the D+ / D- pin, and judge accordingly.