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Firmware configurable Hotswap power protection

 I'm looking for a power protection system that will do over-voltage, under-voltage, and over-current with its own power switch but let me set the limits using internal registers instead of resistors.  In-rush limiting would be great,  some other of your measurement capabilities would be cool.  I thought I was almost on to it with your LM5056 except for the power switch and some of the "not supported" register bits.  Currently we're using the Linear Tech LTC4260 for our +8V to +40V and trying to go to 15A to 20A.  The folks who selected it will need some convincing to change but a big brother to the LM5056 would do the trick.  I've had the LM5066(I) suggested but its more telemetry with the same resistor selectable set points, which still means opening the box to change set points.

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    I understand your question and indeed that would require new product development in order to set trip thresholds through registers.

    However, in case you were unaware, the LM5066I does have "warning" registers. You can set an overcurrent warning, undervoltage warning, overvoltage warning, independent of the trip thresholds set through the external resistors.

    These warnings can be programmed (based on the Alert Mask register) on whether or not they pull the SMBA signal low when these warnings are reached.

    So with some additional components (like feeding that SMBA/Alert signal to an MCU which controls the device ON/OFF - or potentially a pure analog solution using a FET as a switch) you may be able to achieve functionality similar to what you are looking for.

    Should you become interested in the LM5066I for a future project, note that we do ship the EVM with a USB interface dongle. We have a program available (called the PI-Commander GUI) which can be used to evaluate the device or assist with development.

    We also have an updated step-by-step design guide for the LM5066I within its datasheet or at www.ti.com/hotswap --> "Technical Documents" --> "Robust Hot Swap Design"

    We have excel based design calculator tools available at www.ti.com/hotswap --> "Tools & Software" to assist with component selection or to troubleshoot a design

    We have step by step video tutorials available at www.ti.com/hotswap --> "Support & Training" in case you have any questions on how to use the design calculator tools.

    If you are interested in another voltage range or feature set, we create a simple selection tool which is available at www.ti.com/hotswap --> Tools & Software

    Finally, please feel welcome to post on the E2E if you have any additional questions and we will work to get back to you promptly.



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