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TPS2411: Leakage current from

Part Number: TPS2411


    We found TPS2411 (ORing FET) that has leakage voltage (~700-800mV) at V12 (rail A) when V12_AUX (pin C) exists and V12 is turn off.
After PR3552 is removed, the leakage voltage disappeares. It looks like the leakage path is from VDD to A (Pin 11).

How does it provide a path for leakage from Vdd to A (pin 11)? 

Any solution to solve it?

  • Hi Alan,

    Apologies for the delay, and I hope you were able to resolve this issue with our team via email.

    Overall, leakage current from the output to the input is common for ORing controllers. Some leakage current will exist through the internal reverse comparator circuit. However, the amount of leakage current seen will vary from IC to IC and some may be designed more carefully if reverse leakage current is a key careabout.

    In this case, removing PR3552 would remove power (VDD) from the IC. So the reverse comparator block would no longer be active and so that leakage path may no longer exist. But if the circuit was modified further with current probes, I believe the majority of the leakage is coming through the C pin and not through VDD.

    Overall the leakage is small enough that it will not harm the TPS2411 IC. However if the leakage causes a problem where the system can no longer meet its spec, then perhaps a BJT can be used as a switch to disconnect the VDD and remove power from the device when needing to go into a low leakage state.



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