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LM5060-Q1: Reverse current when cold clank

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Part Number: LM5060-Q1


Please see the attached fille as my question.

lm5060-q1 cold clank reverse current.pptx

VIN=VBAT=24V(typ), 5V at cold clank
When Vin become 5V , the reverse current is occurred due to FET is ON when cold clank.

In the customer,  since there is the pre-boost inductor, reverse current is not stop even if Vout will be 5V.

As a result, the VIN voltage is decreased below 5V and the UVLO of the LM5060-Q1 is operated.
Therefore, an unintended system reset occurred during cold clank.

I think that this behavior may occurred in other automotive customers when cold clank.

(1) Is this behavior happening to other customers as well?
(2) Are there any application plans to avoid this behavior?

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