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Linear, Active, ohmic, saturated region

1. What is linear region in BJT or MOSFET. Is it ohmic region where voltage & current have linear relation or is it saturated region. I think linear means region in which there is linear relation between V & I.

2. Active region?

3. in MOSFET, in ohmic mode Vgs > vth and Vds < (vgs-vth) while in saturated mode Vgs > vth and Vds > (vgs-vth).

When I apply 10V at Vgs with Vth=2V & Vdd=20V. Now I have noted Vds < 0.5V or it is typically drop across Rdson. According to above equation device since Vds< vgs-vth. It says its ohmic region but I thick device is saturated

4. In mosfet curve device switches between cut off - saturation or cut off - ohmic.