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CSD18542KTT: continuous current ID direction for N-channel or P-channel in datasheet

Part Number: CSD18542KTT

Hi Expert,

Most MOSFET TI, ST, On-Semi etc...only give positive Id for N-MOSFET, and negative Id for P-MOSFET. 

e.g TI device CSD18542KTT has continuous Id with +200A. 

However, Rohm MOSFET  always gives both positive and negative current in datasheet. Is there a real difference between Rohm MOSFET and TI MOSFET, or it is just a different way to show specs?

e.g. RD3L08CGN, Id=+-80A: 


  • Zhou,
    The only difference here is we just spec the parts differently.

    The package current rating applies in both directions because this is a function of the connections between the silicon die and source post, and the electrons flow through the same path whether they are forward or reverse biased.

    However, the thermal limit in reverse is dictated by the losses in the body diode, as opposed to the conduction losses from the on resistance of the FET. In other words, whatever power your thermal environment allows you to dissipate will be the same whether the FET is forward or reverse biased, but the calculation for power in the positive direction is P=I^2*R where as in the reverse direction it would be I*Vf where Vf is the forward voltage drop across the diode.

    Brett Barr

    Product Marketing Engineer, Mid-Voltage FET