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CSD19532Q5B: Equivalent component for CSD19532Q5B

Part Number: CSD19532Q5B


I am using CSD19532Q5B for my test board development. However, I learnt from distributor that there are not enough quantity..

So I wanted to know if there is any other equivalent component to CSD19532Q5B, in same package. I am looking for high current, 100V FET to use as switch.



  • Swamy,
    We have 3 other footprint compatible parts, the closest in resistance being the CSD19531Q5A.

    However, the global FET market is extremely tight, and we have seen it be very difficult to get QFN parts, even samples, anywhere, from us or our competitors.

    How many pieces do you need? If it is a small quantity, we might be able to assist you. Please reach out to me offline if that is the case.

    Brett Barr

    Product Marketing Engineer, Mid-Voltage FET