I have designed the SMC controller for Buck converter in MATLAB Simulink, and interfacing it to circuit through PCI-1711 and PLD-8710 . Now I want to design the circuit of the buck converter. The controler generates a PWM signal and give it to the Gate of  MOSFET. But since a gate driver is needed so the PWM signal is given to the Driver and the output of the Driver, which must be PWM signal should given to the gate. So please tell me what driver should i use? The specifications are

 Input Voltage : 12-24 V

Output Voltage: 5-10 V

Output Current: 4-5A

Output power: 40-50 W

i am using IRF 540.. is it can fulfill my requirements or should i find some other? if yes please suggest...

The output of the PCI-1711 is 0-10V


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