CSD97394Q4M: What to do with the 'SKIP' pin?

Part Number: CSD97394Q4M

On my application I used this part to drive a load at about 1 amp and the part performed very well, still I have a question about the SKIP pin. 

In my application I tied this pin to low so the part would operate in DCM, rather than Forced Continuous Conduction Mode (FCCM). The output current is low so forcing it to conduct continuously seemed inefficient in this application. In my tests I tried to run it with SKIP pulled high and it seemed to run about the same so I am asking you, when should you run this part with the skip pin pulled high?

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  • Paul, 

    Hopefully this answers your question:

    "If the operation current is always higher than the critical current, the power stage operation will be the same for #SKIP low and high. Based on the customer operation condition, the critical current is very low at ~0.25A.


    The SKIP# can either be tied high or low depending on customer’s need. "

    Brett Barr

    Product Marketing Engineer, Mid-Voltage FET