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BSC123N08NS3G and PSMN4R8


            Do we have suitable solution to compete BSC123N08NS3G  and PSMN4R8 ? Thank you. 



  • The Infineon FET is an 80V 5x6 QFN around 12mOhm.

    We don't have anything in this resistance range in and SON5x6 package at 80V. Closest thing we have would be the 100V CSD19534Q5A or if you want a little better resistance, CSD19533Q5A. Because of the higher breakdown voltages, these crosses aren't ideal.

    With regards to the NXP device, the CSD19532KTT and CSD19535KTT straddle the NXP in terms of resistance. However, if this for Hot Swap, your are going to want to recommend our most robust device (and best SOA device) the CSD19536KTT.

    Brett Barr

    Product Marketing Engineer, Mid-Voltage FET