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PTN78000W: Need DC/DC converter with Vin = 20-70V and Vout = 3-9V @ 350mA within IP65 enclosure [Mouser quote# Q8EC467]

Part Number: PTN78000W

To TI E2E Community;

I have a customer who needs a DC/DC converter with Vin = 20-70V  and Vout = 3-9V @ 350mA within IP65 enclosure;

they did not mention whether it needed to be isolated or non-isolated. The closest I found were the non-enclosed non-isolated

PTN78000 modules at the below link with smaller input ranges and wider output ranges,


Can you help us with this? Would these modules listed above be the closest to the customer's requested above specifications?

If you have an answer to this query, then can you please email it to me at dan.rapp@mouser.com with the thread title?


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