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TPS82130: DC/DC converter choice TPS82130 or TPS62130?

Part Number: TPS82130

For a customer of us we are designing a new PCB where we need to generate +5V DC out of +12V for supply of max 6x USB2.0, 2x touch panel (LCD) and for internal logic 

For USB we need max 3A en for 2 displays max 1.9A and for the remaining logic at least 2.5A

Therefore I was thinking of using your TPS82130 converter with integrated inductor. However Webench simulation shows a body temperature of max 105 degrees Celsius at max load which is too much for us (we have no forced cooling).

So I have some options:

- Limiting the max current for the TPS82130 converters to 1.5A . This reduces the body temperature to 59 degrees max which looks acceptable. This means that I need more TPS82130 devices.

- Using TPS62130 with external inductor. Webench shows a temperature of max 69 degrees at 3A load. Still quite high but I think acceptable because the 3A is a worst case situation ( I think that a customer in practive will not use 6 USB ports at max +5Vusb load).

What would you suggest here? The TPS62130 is cheaper but I need an external inductor so the total needed PCB space will be more but possibly I need less converters because the heat is spread between the converter and the inductor. In your datasheet a  COILCRAFT XFL4020-222MEB is suggested. I found a much cheaper 2.2uH inductor with similar specs at Murata but it has a bigger size . Is it possible to use this one or do you suggest the inductor as mentioned in your datasheet?

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Chris van der Aar

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NTS Systems Development

Eindhoven The Netherlands