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PTH04000W: Could you tell me about PTH module ?

Part Number: PTH04000W

There is a phenomenon that the PTH module's output voltage is shifts, At my customer.

Checking the OPEN / SHORT of the pin indicates that the ADJ pin is OPEN or the resistance value is misaligned.
Since the occurrence mechanism and the cause of occurrence are investigating , please tell me only about the phenomenon.

· I think that the impedance fluctuation of the ADJ pin influences the output voltage, but is this consideration correct?
· If there is a block diagram (may be a simplified diagram) of the internal circuit, please send.
※I would like to discuss within the company's internal based on this.

Could you help us?

Best regards,
masumi Sekiguchi

  • Masumi:

    1. PTH04000W Voltage Rset ( Adj) when open ( no external Rset on pin 5 ) impedance to pin 1 (Gnd) is 1MEG Ω.

    A . Questions. On this specific application.

    A1.I request this complete specific customers schematic on PTH04000W circuit including all external connections.

    A2. What is the Rset voltage ?

    A3.How are they using the Autotrack  pin 2 feature or is it connected directly to Vin (+)

    A4. What are the identities external input (types) and total output capacitors( polarized and ceramic plus their capacitance value?

    A5. Is the inhibit pin 4 open or controlled with an external open drain FET?


    PTH04000Wxx set point voltage tolerance per the product specification electrical characteristics

    Is ± 2% when the Rset resistor has a tolerance of 1% with 100PPM /°C or better temperature stability.

    The total output voltage variation when using this resistor tolerance characteristics is ±3%.

    And note 3 in the product specification.