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DCP022415DU unbalanced loads

We are using these 2 watt converters in a product.  When using the dual output package, what is the max current per load.


Is it 1/2 rated power / voltage   or 1/15 = 66 ma max per output or is it acceptable to pull more from +15 and less from -15 as long as total power is less than 2 watts.  





  • Bill:

    The DCP022415DU can be used  in application with unbalanced loads as long as the maximum power 2W is not exceeded. The unbalanced loads will affect the output voltage.

    Question concerning the output circuit ?

    Is this converter used where the output is floating on a secondary high voltage , either AC  or DC or driving a IGBT power Motor Drive/

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    With unbalanced loads is a reasonable design guideline "No load more than 70% of rated power"?  Or Am I too optimistic.


    I am aware of the 60 volt limitation between input supply and output supply and I am using part to break ground loops.  My measured differences between input return and output return  is less than 1.5 volts.


  • In reply to William Yonkers:


    The unbalanced Vout bus of 70% on either  + or negative is  fine.