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TPS84250: TPS84250 - EMC Noise

Part Number: TPS84250


I am using two new DC/DC modules for my design :

1.TPS84250 ~1.5A   , 24V Vin to 5V

2.TPS82084 1.5A , 5V Vin to 3.3V Vout

I would like to reduce drametically the noise (EMC related Noise) By adding either LDO or Passive Filter

Please advice what is the best device to buffer the DC/DC noise both diff. and commonal which effects the EMC 

Thanks in advance


  • Can you be more specific about which noise you need to reduce? Is this radiated noise, conducted noise on the input, conducted noise on the output, etc.?

    Is there a noise spec or standard that you need to pass?

    Chris Glaser

    Texas Instruments

  • In reply to Chris Glaser:

    Hi Chris,

    Besicaly I would like to prevent both :

    1.Radiated Noise - that can be created due to the DC/DC switching frequency ~2-3MHz 

    I am intend to use CMC to seprate between GND/Power planes (Power,Digital,Analog) yet, I am not sure if those CMC we be sufficient .

    2.Output Conducted Noise - Noise that might cause flactuations in the Vcc of the FPGA, ADC,DAC and might cause noise over the Vcc .

    Should I use LDO as a filter or to use simple filter (Bid) Instead ? what is your recomendations ? (Assume we lack of space)

    Our system is EPG (External Pulse genrator) we need to comply the EN-60601-1 /EN-60601-1-2 (EMC)

    Since I didn't use those dc/dc before I would like to prepare and to arange my Board for full en-606061 compliance .

    Thanks in advance


  • In reply to Shlomi Ronen:

    I think there is no real good answer to your questions. It is too generic. Everything you have listed is good to solve certain EMI or noise problems. What is best to use depends on the design and the specific problem you want to solve. 

    Can you be more specific? If you are uncomfortable sharing information in this forum you can use the <send a private message> option to reply to me directly.