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TPS82085: Junction to Board Thermal Resistance

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Part Number: TPS82085

Hello Team,

please provide the junction to board thermal resistance. This information is missing in the data sheet.

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  • Can you use the psi JB metric? Are they trying to calculate the IC temp based on a fixed PCB temperature?

    If you have other details, please post them in the thread toolkit at the top.

    Chris Glaser

    Texas Instruments

  • Genius 9235 points

    In reply to Chris Glaser:

    can we use this JB thermal resistance from fig. 9 and 10 data sheet?



  • In reply to Hans:

    Yes, that is the psi metric that I mentioned in my first reply.

    Can you share the application specifics via email? There are usually no thermal limits/concerns with this module, as it is very efficient.

    Chris Glaser

    Texas Instruments