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PTN78020H: Thermal management issue

Part Number: PTN78020H

I have built a converter based on PTN78020H module . My input voltage range goes from 20V to 26V. The output voltage is set to 17V. I have built the converter using a single side solder  breadboard.  I have test the converter with a device which requires a current between 1.1A and 1.4A.  The output voltage is stable buyt with 20 minutes of activity, the temperature of the custom inductor inside the module goes to 60°C (at the moment I am not using any fan). 

Is it a normal behaviour since the module is rated up to 4A? If the module goes in thermal shut-down, could the output become a short-circuit?

I attach the module schematics (I have used 5 4.7uF 50V ceramic capacitor at the input and a 330uF electrolytic capacitor at the output)

Thanks in advancedc-dc converter - Schematic.pdf

  • I would expect a 25°C rise under your operating conditions, but our thermal measurements were taken on a double sided PCB with 2 oz of copper. The temperature that you are measuring looks about right given that you are single side solder breadboard.
    Thermal shutdown will not cause the output to become a short circuit. If the device reaches thermal shutdown, the device will shut down and restart repeatedly.