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LMR14030 EMI performance data


May I check if TI has EMI performance data for LMR14030? (i.e is LMR14030-Q1 meets CISPR 25 standard?)

I can only locate some EMI related information for LM4360x and LM4600x (applicatio note) but couldn’t find any info on LMR14030-Q1

Below is the LT8614 (LTC DCDC) EMI performance below for your reference.

In LT8614 D/S, there are Radiated EMI Performance data for the following condition.

14VIN TO 5VOUT AT 4A, fSW = 2MHz

So, It'll be very helpful if you can provide us the EMI performance data under similar conditions,

(Like Same VIN, VOUT, fSW and max Iout)