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Can LMR14050 output 12V/3A?


     I am designing the buck with LMR14050 .My question is :

  • Input: 24V
  • Output :12V/3A

       I can not obtain the stable output. Please see below waveform:

Figure 1 Input 24V-Ouput 12V/2A-RIpple Voltage 2.6V(Peak -Peak)

Figure 2 Input 24V-Ouput 12V/2A-SW node

The circuit is below:

Please give your advice,




  • In reply to user1876340:

    Hi Devin,

    I think you working in China as the Osope language is Chinese.

    Did you measure the SW waveform by shortest probe grounding?

    You may add 5.1 ohm in series with C4 to limit switching speed and resuce the leading edge ringing.

    B R

    Andy Chen