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500V@10A Boost Converter For Transformer-less Inverter Design

Dear all,

I could not find good Switcher ,

where I can design 500V@10A Boost converter ( DC/DC )

If you have worked similar one with 300V or More with any current rating ,

plz share the P/N of Ti-IC user with less Number of Foot-print..

I tried with ( http://www.ti.com/product/lm3478/description

  • Hi,

    I do not think the LM3478 could handle that much current. Your best bet is probably look at a controller.

    You can try using webench by entering your input voltage, output voltage and output current



  • In reply to Arief Hernadi:


    I tried in WEBENCH,

    My input voltage is from Batteries 12-36VDC and I needed boost of 400VDC @8-10A..

    For Transformerless conveter..

    Plz help me out..

  • In reply to Pavan Kumar S N99:

    Based on your output criteria you are requesting a supply with 4000 or 5000 watts of output power. I think you should look at an available online source of supplies in that class of power rating and take serious consideration of whether you should attempt designing something at that power level. For 5000W output power the input current would be 5000W/12V or 416 amps average current assuming 100% conversion efficiency. Actual switch currents being in the thousand ampere range. Needless to say this cannot be done with a single switching device. Power conversion from 12V vehicle input power is not uncommon and there are low cost available inverters on the open market in the $300USD range that generate 120 or 240VAC output. From there you could go through conventional 50/60 HZ magnetics and rectify to create regulated 400VDC, or perhaps there is an available off-line AC input to 400VDC switch-mode open frame product that would reduce the substantial weight of the magnetics.

    Alan Martin  - Wide Vin Applications Wrangler (retired)

  • In reply to Alan Martin:

    Dear Sir,

    So i wanted to design Boost converter of 1500W .,

    Whose specification as follows ., 

    Input DC supply:

    1.) 16VDC-18VDC input 

    Ouput DC supply:

    Needed 300VDC-400VDC ( Current of 5A - 3.75A)

    I designed using LM5022 , But got failed.,

    Plz help me out..

    Plz help me out..

  • In reply to Pavan Kumar S N99:

    It is unlikely you can generate the power level and/or output voltage to meet your design requirement with a single- switch single-inductor approach.

    We are curious, can you provide a schematic of the approach you tried that tried using "LM5022, But got failed".

    Alan Martin  - Wide Vin Applications Wrangler (retired)