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LM5116WG: L1( Inductor) at the Vout gets hot

  • In reply to Muthu Venkat:


    Maybe something along the line of 7443251600?
    But if i look at your thermal simulation it seems that the inductor temperature reach around 60 deg C. But this is with 40 degree ambient.
    Normally around 50 degree C temperature on any part, it will be hot to touch

  • In reply to Arief Hernadi:

    Can you please take a look our schematic
    (A) for 12v input we are getting 10.3V maximum , particularly 8.9v to 10.3v, the voltages is different for different boards, even though all are same REV and same components used.
    (B) I used 15uH, 16uH and 22uH, still there is no differernce in ripples or het issues.
    (C) for higher volatges like 60v- 80v we have lot of heat in the power supply unit especially @L3 in our schematic , L1 in your data sheet.

    Can you please provide us what may be cause of these?Thanks in advance.

    with regards
    Muthu Venkat