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Hi Can you please provide the following information for the LMZ12002EXTTZ/NOPB Part ?

1. Junction Temperature Max (Tj Max)

 2. Typical Power dissipation (Pd typ)

3. Maximum Power dissipation (Pd max)

4. Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient (Theta JA

5. Thermal Resistance Junction to Board (Theta JB)

6. Thermal Resistance Junction to Case (Theta JC)

7. Weight


Jayakumara K


  • Hello Jayakumara,

    I apologize for the delay in the reply. Here are some answers.

    1) The TjMax as listed in the data sheet is 125degC

    2) The typical power dissipation would depend on the design requirement. If you have any particular requirement, please let us know and we could help you calculate the numbers. You could also use Webench to calculate the Pd

    3) The same applies as answer #2

    4) As listed in the data sheet it is 19.3 for a 4 layer board or 21.5degc/w for a 2 layer board

    5) The thetaJB is not spec-ed and it would depend on the board

    6) As listed in the data sheet it is 1.9degc/w for no air flow condition

    7) The weight is not spec-ed in the data sheet. 

    I hope this helped.