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Questions of LMR12020

I have questions about LMR12020.

Question 1.

Does this IC have eco-mode?

Question 2.

Do you know the IC that meets the following conditions?




   Forced PWM

   Non synchronous rectification

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Takahiro Nishizawa

  • Hi
    Q1: Maybe no Eco-mode, but i'm not sure. I use the Webench to simulate to see the efficiency at light load, the efficiency is very low in light load, so I suppose no Eco-mode for this part.
    Q2: Can meet the conditions, You also can use WEBENCH to build the application.
    Thank you!
  • In reply to Vental Mao:

    The LMR12020 does not have a specific eco-mode, but it will skip pulses if the on time required is less than the minimum on time. That should not pose a problem for your design, 15 V in to 5 V out.

    John Tucker

    BSR-CCP LV/MV DC/DC Applications