TPS3831: Not work in direct sunlight

Part Number: TPS3831

Hi, team.

Can TPS3831 be used in the direct sunlight?

Our customer complain that a reset wasn't released in the direct sunlight.

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  • Kobayashi,

    I believe there should be no issue with using device in direct sunlight.

    1. How many times did the problem occur? Did it occur with multiple devices?
    2. Does it only occur at start up?
    3. Which package are you using?
    4. What happens when you shade the device and what happens when you put back in sunlight?

    I will need more information to investigate your problem. Thank you!

  • In reply to Michael DeSando1:

    Hi, Michael

    1.This phenomenon always occurs. It occurs multiple device.

    2.Yes, it occurs at sart up. So the system doesn't start.

    3.DQN package. Part No is TPS3831G33DQNR.

    4.When it's shaded by notebook, it's not change. When MR is pulled low, it become normally.

     In indoors, it's no problem by a fluorescent light, but it occurs by a halogen lamp.

     When heating it up by a hair dryer, it's no problem.


    Are any reasons considered?