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TLV803: For supply current spec in datasheet

Part Number: TLV803

Hi team,

I’d like to double check the spec of Supply current in datasheet. Can you confirm below questions? 

For the max current of Idd (at Vdd=6V),

-. Is it within 30uA, regardless of external pullup resistor size?

-. Is it within 30uA, regardless of the FET ON/OFF for RESET?


Best Regards,

Sam Lee


  • Sam Lee,

    1) Within 30uA, with output unconnected (no resistor connected, no load)

    2) Within 30uA, takes into account if FET is on or off. The max current will occur when the internal FET is on and this spec accounts for that.


  • In reply to Michael DeSando1:

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your answer.

    Actually, my question is to confirm if the max supply current is within 30uA when load (resistor connected, and etc) exists. Does the supply current exceed the 30uA depeding on external load?

    Best Regards,

    Sam Lee

  • In reply to Lee, Sam:

    Sam Lee,

    I see your question now. It is my understanding that even with the internal FET turned on, and the output loaded with external pull-up, the external pull-up resistor pulls current from a source through the internal FET to GND. This should still not cause Idd to increase since Idd current is used to turn on the FET at the gate and doesn't depend on the output.

    To answer your question, the output doesn't influence the Idd. This assumes separate source from VDD and pull-up resistor source.