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LM8365: 4.5V and 2.8V Threshold reset IC

Part Number: LM8365

Hello team


My customer is looking for following spec Reset ICs.

I am not familiar with reset ICs, Could you tell me the best solution ?

(Ratng is Catalog spec Only)




Sense voltage=5V

Threshold voltage=4.5V

Delay time 0.2mS


I found the LM8365BALMFX27, Do you have any  another solutions?




Sense voltage=3.3V

Threshold voltage=2.8V

Delay time 20mS


I can not fould the 2.8V threshold ICs,

Could you tell us the best one ?


Thanks and Best regards,

Yoko Takase

  • Yoko,

    Please see our very hand TI Supervisor and Reset IC:

    If you look in the programmable delay section,

    1. TPS3890, TPS3895/97, TPS3896/98 all fit that application. TPS3895/97, TPS3896/98 come in fixed and adjustable threshold versions so they can be set to nearly any threshold.

    2. TPS3808 has 2.79V fixed threshold which would be the best solution. Also TPS3890 will also work. TPS3895/97, TPS3896/98 also work too.

    There are many options. The next thing to help narrow down would be desired Iq, accuracy, output type (open-drain/push-pull, active low/active high), size, price, etc.

    Let me know if you need any more support!